Friday, January 21, 2011

Weeks 14-16: Doing What I Can...

The weeks fly by! I have been insanely busy since the new year trying to help promotional efforts on my new book (The Missional Mom), which was released on Jan. 1st, so my school blogging has gotten shortchanged! We've been in school two weeks, working around my somewhat erratic schedule, but it looks like the dust has settled somewhat and next week we will have a fairly normal school week! Hallelujah!

We continued in our tour of Europe, focusing on France primarily. Harry tried his hand at constructing a version of the Eiffel Tower using Wiki-Sticks; Ron just did some free art (a tent and a campfire, he says!) We also had fun taking a trip to IHOP and eating crepes and French toast! Not the most authentically French cuisine, I know, but the kids still had fun and enjoyed the food!

We had our first decent snowstorm of the new year, and so one afternoon I surprised the boys with an impromptu snow day, which they loved (as you can see!):

The boys continued making progress in math; Harry is finally almost through the end of Singapore Math 2A and Ron is learning how to count with coins.

Harry and Ron have also used their imaginations to create new superhero characters for themselves. Meet Lightning Man and Red Boy:

The boys were also great helps at my book launch party, greeting those who came in and directing their way.

And to demonstrate that we are just behind in several areas, we made "Christmas Cookies" in January. I should call them Epiphany Cookies or something like that!

Hopefully next week I'll have a more substantive summary to share; right now, we are still trying to just get our bearings straight as we start the new year! Thanks for visiting and hope your year is going well so far!


  1. Lightning Man and Red Boy - I love it!! It is so hard to get back into the groove after a break! We're still trying to get there here, too! ;)

    So excited about your book, Helen!! Can't wait to see how God blesses it!

  2. Carrie, I don't know what's happened, it feels like we are doing way less in the same amount of time than before the break! But I also feel like I'm learning to go with the flow a little more...if the science experiment that I thought would take 15 minutes takes an hour, well, everything just doesn't get done that day! =) I just checked out Deconstructing Penguins from the library. Looks fabulous! Thanks for the tip! And for your encouragement with the book. =)