Friday, November 19, 2010

Week 11: Eggs Are Strong!

This week, I am going to keep our post short and sweet! Let's try a different format...

Harry's highlights: (3rd grade)

  • Finished his time in South America; he learned to read bar graphs, conduct research on the ten tallest mountains on the continent, and continued to learn about all manner of flora and fauna in the rainforest
  • Progressed in his Singapore Math book with a re-introduction of multiplication and division
  • Wrote 1,000 more words in his fantasy novel series, entitled "The Series of Acroban"
Ron's highlights: (K)
  • Finished the letter "U" in his cursive handwriting book
  • Started doing simple addition and subtraction
  • Survived the extraction of one of his baby teeth! (We went out to lunch to celebrate at a local cafe, featuring wonderful ice cream and the little cow below):

Dobby's highlights (Preschool)
    • Can spell a number of random words, such as his own name, "GAP" (which makes an appearance on many of his sweatshirts!) and "GUM" (one of his favorite things to chew now that he has learned not to swallow it!)
    • Can count past 20
    • Can sing melodies of songs his brothers play after hearing them only once or twice
    We were focusing on birds this week in science, and did an eggshell experiment to demonstrate how strong eggshells really are. They can hold up many more books than any of us thought! 

      Dobby was so inspired by the egg experiment that he built his own tower of books afterwards!

      And today marks the last day of homeschool co-op for the semester, as hard as it is to believe! Twelve weeks went by super-fast! Here Harry and Ron pose with their final art projects--Christmas wreaths! Is it really getting that close to the holidays???

      Speaking of holidays, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We will catch up with you next time, when we begin our study of European nations!


      1. It looks like your boys are thriving and learning so much at Trillium Academy, Helen! Such a cute pic of all three of them on the cow! ;)

        Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

      2. Egg shells are amazing and I love that the little guy had such an amazing seat for the show!

      3. Fun eggshell experiment. I love your littlest one following along too.

      4. Love the wreaths! Wow, who knew egg shells were so strong? My kids would love that! We'll have to experiment! BTW... I notice you have brown egg shells. We buy brown eggs too. We had to borrow a couple eggs from my neighbor not too long ago and the shells were white... my younger kids were amazed at the white shells! Too funny since I grew up with white eggs and the brown ones were unusual to me! :-)

      5. Very cool egg shell experiment. I want to try that!
        Great book stack, Dobby!
        Hope the big tooth comes in soon, Ron!
        Keep up the writing, Harry!


        PS I think it IS that close to the holidays...EEK!